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Welcome to The Inspiration Dance School

Professional Dance Troupe

Recognized to be PUNE’S Leading Dance Troupe & equally proved to be happening in MUMBAI.

We are offering Dance classes in Shivaji nagar, they are giving best Dance troupe in Pune who are performing associated dance together in different style. As on date, the dance troupe has performed more than 1200 shows all over India, including vivacious dance performances with India's most rocking Pop-Stars, like, RAKHI SAWANT, ANAMIKA, SUKHDEV, DALER MEHENDI, SONU NIGAM & VAISHALI SAMANT.

This dance performance is not only limited to India, but the director of 'THE INSPIRATION' Mr. Rahul Sathe has been to JAPAN for dance performing 'INDIAN CULTURAL DANCES.' In over 20 years of his dance career, he has also assisted in choreographing some movies and music albums as well as dramas. He has participated in EKA PEKSHA EK, ON ZEE MARATHI. We are one of the best dance group in Shivaji nagar and we are motivating the dancers in Shivaji nagar covers all types of dance performances in an efficient manner. We are Proffering dance class in Rasta Peth at all ages and levels of people and it might be interesting and challenging to learn with all ages of people.

In 2014 The dance Troupe has performed twice in ISRAIEL...

The institute has to its credit over 3500 students to date.

What Our Clients Say

Trainers of Inspiration dance school made us believe that WE CAN ! Their motivations and expert Kathak dance training has made me a very good Kathak dancer. I am very happy to feel physically fit and have lost the extra fat, very special thanks for it.

It is amazing to understand and learn about the Indian culture, art, dancing steps, dance drama themes, dance movements and gestures with clarity and dedication from my Indian dance Gurus. The dance teachers at our Inspiration dance school are excellent.

Hope the rehearsals are polishing off the little rough edges. May trainers be an inspiration to all those who seek Harmony, Grace and Beauty through an expression of Dance.

Beautiful programme. Excellent Choreography. Dancers did so well and looked gorgeous. All the very best. You are doing a great job.

The variety of dance styles performed by Choreographer is simply fascinating for me. I literally feel like i know a bit of every dance style and still love to learn dancing further.